How to keep on rockin’ as you age..

Did you see the newspaper and TV pictures of Mick Jagger getting fit for the upcoming Rolling Stones World Tour? He is well in his 70’s yet doing 3 hours of gym work a day, yoga, ballet and has a strict healthy diet. All so he can get up on that stage and have us all enthralled and all of that whilst many of his fans will be struggling to get out of their chair!

Now I am not saying that you want to be a Mick and “strutting your stuff” on the world stage as you age, but you can aim to enjoy life to the full by being more agile and supple. You can manage the impact of age, arthritis, anxiety and all the other health challenges that visit us as we age.

It all starts with your willingness to make a little effort by adopting a new regime and in return you can enjoy a big health reward.

Tai Chi for Health is a proven way to manage the impact of aging. It’s good for all ages and is so adaptable to your health and mobility circumstances. Here’s how it works…

Tai Chi is gentle, relaxing and flows like a river in spring. Slow, deep belly breathes aid concentration so your body unwinds. Thus unblocking any barriers in your body, such as Arthritis, and enabling your Qi, your life force, to continue to flow around your body.

It is an effective exercise for healthy mind and body. Although it is an art with great depth of skill and knowledge, it is easy to learn and delivers health benefits almost immediately. Here are just a few of them:-

 increased flexibility and muscle strength
 greater fitness
 correct body posture

Today, there are over 300 million Tai Chi enthusiasts throughout the world travelling along their own journey of life.

I can’t promise you that I can help you be as fit as Mick Jagger but I do know that I can help you enjoy the wonderful benefits of healthy exercise – even “strut your own stage!” and follow your own journey of life.

Contact me to join a class or perhaps start a group in your area or business.

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