The Power of Imagination is a Wonderful Thing ………

What does that mean in a Child’s mind ……?

“Never ending …..!!!”

Ever since I qualified as a Primary School Teacher, I have thought “How can I help kids FOCUS, CONCENTRATE AND CO-ORDINATE their skills to be confident and ready for the outside world?”

Well, after going through extensive training programs which included intense sessions of practical and theoretical lessons over various full weekends.

“I am a qualified, certified Tai Chi for Health Instructor who specialises

in Tai Chi 4 Kidz.”


“I am the only ONE that teaches this in MERSEYSIDE…..”

Tai Chi 4 Kidz

Okay, you might be thinking, how does this help kids…..….?

It helps them:

  • FOCUS back on their work within the School setting.
  • CONCENTRATE on their School work or even sports activities.
  • Increase fine and/or gross motor skills thus improving their CO-ORDINATION.

Whilst working in Schools, over the years, I have seen many children getting stressed out through:

  • Bullying.
  • Worrying about their exams.

I now teach children to go from “stressed out”

to “chilled out!!”

Happy children have happy faces!!

The Professor of Population Health at Deakin University in Austrailia, Shona Bass says……

“The other aspect of Tai Chi is the intrinsic reward they get from seeing themselves progress and develop, and it is with themselves rather than in competition with other children.”

Which I think is very important for children growing up!!


What do Adults and Children say about this ……..?

A 15 year old girl said to me one day ….….

“When I feel I am getting stressed out, I use the deep breathing exercises you teach us.  It really helps! Thanks”  

After teaching various children’s groups, I think the “Beavers Scouts were the hardest.  They didn’t FOCUS and they were so HYPER.”

How did I do it….?

I got them to lie down on their backs and concentrate on their breathing.  I taught them a deep breathing technique known as


Once they started doing this, they became quieter and more responsive.  So I could then teach them Tai Chi 4 Kidz.


Whilst working in a School,

A Teacher came to me one day and said


“Calm kids are relaxed and happy kids.”

Well, if you know of any School or Children’s Group that would be interested in seeing their kids CHILLED OUT just contact Heatheron 07597 538438.


BOOK NOW to secure YOUR SCHOOLS place…..!!


I hope you have enjoyed it!!

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